technical opinion


Since November 2021, our piles, their manufacturing and installation process have been certified by the Technical Opinion n°3.3/21-1044_V1, issued by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB).

The Technical Opinion in building construction is an opinion on the suitability of innovative construction processes, formulated by a group of experts representative of the professions. It results from a long process of in-depth analysis of the product’s capabilities and specifically concerns the use of the product and testing. This analysis is carried out by the Specialized Groups (GS) of the Commission in charge of Formulating Technical Opinions (CCFAT), which are made up of 22 groups of experts representative of the professions. The composition of the groups is public.

Other certifications and qualifications

  • We have patents filed on our products.
  • Some products are under registered designs
  • To ensure the quality of the manufacturing process, we have been qualified by DEKRA for the welding processes we use in the workshop and on site. »

en-year warranty and service life of screw piles

We provide a ten-year warranty for our work, which is insured by a local company. The service life of screw piles can reach up to 120 years and depends on the desired anti-corrosion protection as well as the expected service life of the structure that the piles support.